Monday, November 29, 2010

Mondays...allways hard..Actually about my inspiration

..Well actually this Monday was`t bad at all. School was..well boring like usually nothing special. Pretty much no homework for tomorrow. And I really try to make my very first Youtube  video today. You now hardest part is to decide what kind of video or look to do.
  Okey today I actually don`t want to talk about my quite usual life. Today I wanted to write about thinking before you do something. Please keep in mind that what you do today is step for your future, no matter what it is. So please think about what you do. Do u really need to fight, do you really have to say rude thing to people who haven`t done anything wrong. Do it for yourself, live for yourself. You have only one life to live and u now it`s not that long to waist time for fighting or being lazy. Be lazy when you have accomplish what you want, what you dream for. Live your life the way you want, not the way anyone else say you should live it. And please don`t ever let a fear stop you, just follow your heart, fear is just adrenalin, just a though you know what you can do with thoughts- block the away or at least try, face your fears, what can you lose? usually not much, but what can you win by being over the fear- it`s a big win, you worth that feeling after the win. There was actually wonderful saying about same thing in the movie "Cinderella story" it goes like this-
Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game., please keep it in your mind every time u think about surrender it helped me.

  So this is it for today I believe I really try to make my very first video today and I will try to put up the pic of my gingerbread house what I promised yesterday.

So Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game. And always remember that even one voice can change the word so never keep stuff inside you..Shout,shout let it all out(you now that song? really good one;))Okey you don`t have to shout but let it all out and always say what you think cause sometimes all it takes is one voice. Be that one voice.     
Have a sunny day, cause your worth it. (and as the movie eat,pray,love says "smile with your liver and your mouth not only with mouth")

                                                                                                    Lots of love, Träpsu

PS! Sorry about my freaky and not so good English:) 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sleepy sunday!

  So today`s morning was even harder than u100% worth it.
    First we finished up the gingerbread was hmm...unusual but we had fun with it and well it don`t look THAT bad when think about that it is my very first gingerbread house. I will try to put up a pictureabout it tomorrow ( I really don`t now how to do it jet)
   Well but this was only beginning of the day later whesually cause I was awake until 5 am and had to woke up at was a duff job to get up. :) but the day was n I went to shower I decided to make a famous olive oil mask to my hair...guess ended up a total disaster my hair looked really terrible I had to wash my head 3 times to get it out...But now my hair do looks better..I hope it at least helped to make my hair stronger.:)
   But now to the good the evening I went to watch eat,pray,love again(I have seen it once before). I discovered once again that it`s a really great movie. In my opinion it`s a bit too long but it has a really good story on. I find that movie very motivational(don`t know is there word like that :) ). So if you like movies with a good point and you haven`t seen it yet I will recommend it, really good one:)
    Have a great day! And don`t forget your one of a kind and it don`t matter what anyone else says as long as your happy!
                                                                                               Lots of love, your everythinger

PS! Sorry about the bad English, English is not my home language and I wrote that one in rush so I`m really sorry if you don`t understand anything ...:) (L)


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Winter is on!

   It keep snowing and snowing and it`s so beautiful that even me, who usually don`t like  winter cause it`s so cold start`s to loving it. Everything out there looks so magically beautiful that I really don`t understand how I let something like cold bothered me last year. I`m really waiting Christmas this year.Tomorrow I will decorate my room with x-mas waiting for doing it every year...I think it`s the very best part about Christmas
   So today we wanted to go and enjoy winter with my little sister, Eric and my brother had a lot of fun with snow fight and failing with sledging.
   After coming back in we started to do our very first gingerbread house...well it also failed :) but we are still going to try to make it normal tomorrow.
   I think this is it for today and for my very first trying to make a blog :) I have thought so much about make it and today I finally made it :)...I`m really proud of myself... But soon you can fallow me if you want to see my blogs about hair, make-up, cooking, design close, about my everyday life, about how I get inspired for my photo ideas and lot of stuff more I can`t remember right now... Have A Wonderful Day Cause You Worth It !

                                                                                                           Lots of Love, your Träpsu!